Monday, August 30, 2010

Havank - Book 2 - De Schaduw Op De Tast

Daan Jippe,, erh,, Danier's second Havank book is out and is BEAUTIFUL!! Along with the regular size version, Daan-ier also made a giant size album with a "making of" chapter and ALL of his rough pages!!!

Here you can see both sizes.

And some examples.

Finally, the sketch page!

You can see more examples here - Sekvenskonst where it also says - It's available in two versions (with or without a sketch page) and is limited to only 200 copies. So don't expect that these will be available forever...
The price (for the regular edition) is €110 + postage.
You can get the book from Danier himself by mailing: lijnlust AT

Thanks Daan!!!

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Roberto Ramírez said...


I'm very interested in get a copy of the Danier's "Havank De schaduw op de tast" deluxe edition. Do you know how I can buy it? I can not find it on ebay or similar webshops...

Thanks for your help

Best wishes from Spain