Monday, April 16, 2007

The very first one

In the early days before there were Wacom tablets

Caught One

A couple of silly ones,,, oh, and the others weren't silly? No, no, yes of course but these are sillier, you see?

Elephan Hunt

Here is another classic,,, oh, I remember the days.

Elephant Hunt

Sea Serpent part 1

Dear Dragon - unfinished

Train Ride

A pretty good explanation,,, I think,,

You see, I've been doing these stupid little flipbook animations at various places scattered around the vast internet ( two places ) and I just felt that,,, probably it would be good to have a place to gather them all, you know?

anyway, whether you buy my excuse or not, here is the first one, and it's a classic!

Mr. Mouse Goes To Work

Arrhhhh crap!!!

I really wasn't gonna do the whole blog thing,,, but I'm only human and I held out as long as friggin' possible.