Friday, October 3, 2008

While we are at it anyway,,,

,,here is someting pointless,,,but, I really like the look of it.
I imagine that he keeps saying " prism " over and over again.
It's a .gif so click on it to see it move.

OH, and by the way, this one is not straight ahead. I'd just figured out how to inbetween in flash and wanted to try it out.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Straight Ahead Animation 4 ( unfinished )

I did this one a coupla months back to the 11 Second Club's Searching for Bobby Fischer dialog.
To animate straight ahead on 2's you have to be patient and calm, especially animating in Flash, and I managed to keep relatively calm until the end, when I suddenly couldn't wait to finish and ended up roughing the last bit out quickly, thinking that I'd get back to it when I had more time,,, it's now 3 months later and I don't think I'll ever finish it,, but,,, if I do, I'll post it here.