Thursday, October 2, 2008

Straight Ahead Animation 4 ( unfinished )

I did this one a coupla months back to the 11 Second Club's Searching for Bobby Fischer dialog.
To animate straight ahead on 2's you have to be patient and calm, especially animating in Flash, and I managed to keep relatively calm until the end, when I suddenly couldn't wait to finish and ended up roughing the last bit out quickly, thinking that I'd get back to it when I had more time,,, it's now 3 months later and I don't think I'll ever finish it,, but,,, if I do, I'll post it here.


willborough said...

great! Soo much fun to look at. I can't pinpoint the guy's voice. Is it Danny Aiello?


Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks Willborough!
The voice is Joe Mantegna from Searching for Bobby Fischer,,, and I stole the sound file from 11 Second Club, their June competition I think it was.


Bobby Pontillas said...

That, is...whoa.

I dont care what you say, that is amazing Rune. I love the look and feel your straight ahead approach is giving you.

Just a quick question, Do you rough the whole thing out first (like the drawings towards the end), and THEN go back and flesh it out (like the drawings in the beginning? Hope that question makes sense.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thank you Bobby

I usually don't rough anything out, I just start with the first drawing ( which then is the model ) and go from there one drawing at a time. Like I wrote in the post, it requires a lot of patience, as soon as I start thinking more than one or two drawings ahead I get lost. Then in the end I might go back and fix a few little things here and there. It's an interesting exercise,, a bit more intimate than my usual way of working,, but not very practical for production.


David Nethery said...

Hooray ! You posted it !

I was buzzing all night after you sent that to me on iChat.

I was telling Eddie Pittman about it and some other people.

These things are so cool. Tasty little morsels of animation fun . I love looking at rough drawings.

I'm still amazed that you have the discipline to do these straight ahead in Flash . You are very gifted.

Matthew Long said...

Wow, that's amazing for going straight ahead at that level of detail, so much skill. Out of curiosity about how long did this take you to make?

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...


Matthew - it took about ten days to do, working a couple of hours almost every day in the evening.
Thank you.


Chetan Trivedi said...

amazing work.
hey Rune hats off to you.
just wondering after reading ur reply to Mr. Pontillas ,
how do u work out the spacing ??
definetly lot of patience, like u said.. but this level in 10 days!!

keep posting..
P.S. pls get one of those subsciptions widget.. so that the sooner u update stuff on ur blog we get email :D

thanx.. lookin forward to more stuff..

Matt Shepherd said...

This is great, your work is friggin fantaSTIC! I especially like the 'straight ahead animation 3' the clerk is wicked, the actions on the short guy when he puts the umbrella under his arm, awesome stuff, very nice. Is this in flash?

I checked out your feature work as well, Mulan animation and the Tigger animations are my favorite. I'd love to know your process or anything really, any advice or insight. Timing tips? If you ever have time please pop by my animation blog.. I'm just a lowly ol' tv animator


Nubian Greene said...

Ok,so....i'm gunna go ahead and Say wow.You should be directing your own film with this talent.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Matt - Thank you very much. Yes, it's animated in Flash.

Nubian - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Man that is HOT! HOT! HOT! So hot in fact, I'm gonna call the fire marshal.
You Rock, even if you are a fire hazard.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks Anonymous! Did you ever get that book you ordered?

Anonymous said...

No, but I did find on Amazon,
"homoseksuele minnaars, Rob en Tom verhaal."
It's very funny, but the diagrams are disturbing.

JoeyCee said...


JoeyCee said...


JoeyCee said... was doubly awesome tho

bignewf said...

Amazing!! Inspiring.

bignewf said...

Hey Rune,
I know this is straight ahead animation so no planing ahead is done, but do you at least do thumbnails so you have at least a general idea of where you want to be at any given moment?
Also, you are doing this in Flash right? I take it you are using the brush tool? I'm curious what your Smoothing setting is. Also, I would image that you don't convert any of it (your drawings) into symbols, is that right? And if so, are your file sizes big? Does playback stutter with all that line work?
Thanks for any feedback.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...


I don't do any thumbnails for these,,, I'll sometimes act out parts, which is a kind of planning ahead, but for the most part I let the animation go where it wants to.
I didn't even know that there is a smoothing setting ( I looked for it after reading your comment, couldn't find it ) and no I don't convert the drawings into symbols,,the BobbyFischer fla is 9 MB, I don't know if that is big. Usually the playback is perfect, which is the main reason I do these in Flash.


Adam Sacks said...

For heads, are you using basic shapes and construction lines that you then erase (or put on a layer underneath and delete later), or is what we're seeing the only thing you draw for each frame?

bignewf said...

Thanks Rune. Very informative. You can look for the Smoothing slider down in the Properties panel (usualy at the bottom of the screen). You have to have the Brush tool selected before the Smoothing becomes an option. Awesome work brother. I look forward to seeing more, and if I get around to trying some traditional animation in Flash, I'll be sure to share with you.
Take care.

Chan Ghee Leow said...

This is awesome!! It's so inspiring to see all your spontaneous animation tests here. I'm really motivated to give straight ahead animation a go now!