Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oooold straight ahead animation

One Friday night 14 years ago, in the studio in Denmark, my friend Christian Kuntz and I decided we were going to animate a hip hop type test. Christian found a song that had a male and female voice and we began animating, no x-sheet, no nothing, just the song on the CD. I had such a great time I stayed that night animating and the next night too. Sunday evening I shot the scene but by then I was alone in the studio and had no one to show it too.
The memories.

It's seems to be playing erratically and out of sync on youtube, so for anyone who, for whatever reason, would like to see it play at the right speed, in sync ( ish ), here is a download link

Fugees Vocab Test


Matthew Long said...

Thank you for sharing this with us, very cool. I like her design as well. Amazing you were able to keep track of everything moving with the beat without an x-sheet.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks Matthew!
I think you can often get most of what you need from just listening to the track, but I'm sure I must have done a fair bit of testing, in fact, I remember throwing away the last half of the scene at some point and starting over.

Pandalope said...

That's awesome!

Straight ahead animation is something rather difficult for me. Do you do your straight ahead work in passes, working with really rough body shapes then layering on stuff like lips and hair or do you just get it all in one pass?

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks John

It all depends on what it's for, but for the most part I do ( did ) these in one go. Otherwise it starts feeling too much like real work, and the point of the straight ahead animations, for me, is to have fun and experiment with ideas and drawings and movement, etc. All the stuff we ( almost ) never get to do at work.

Pandalope said...

Thanks for the insight. One more question, did you do much/any thumbnailing before you went at it to solidify what you were going to do performance-wise or was this pure artistic improvisational freestyling?

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Usually I don't do any thumbnailing for the straight ahead tests. I do the first drawing which then becomes the model and go from there.
But sometimes I do throw away whole parts later on, if I feel I went in a wrong direction, and start over.

David Nethery said...

Thanks for the link to the Quicktime file. That plays much better than the one on YouTube.

YouTube frustrates me. A lot of the stuff uploaded to YouTube ends up being out-of-sync.

Vimeo is a little better I think.

Doron Meir said...

That's fantastic Rune. Really. I could watch it for hours in a loop.

I don't understand how you do this straight ahead stuff. I really have no idea.

Here's a thought - it you ever feel like it - how about animating something with a time-lapse screen capture thingy to show how it was made?

Anyway, awesome piece. I love it.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks Doron

Not sure about the time-lapse thing,, maybe

Douglas Ferreira said...

this babe can dance!good work,but if you did this 14 years ago,what would you be doing 14 years from now?srsr
see you tomorrow !

Carlos Luzzi said...

just too good.

L@nda said...

Rune just wanted to say that this is a bad-ass blog sir, thanx for sharing yer stuff!

Christian said...

Wow, det var lige et smut tilbage i tiden! Husker det dog som var det igår. Jeg husker nu scenen mere vild, men du er jo for sej. Var det ikke noget med at det kun tog en nat:-) Ses snart..

andre medina said...

amazing work! what studio is in Brazil? I love your characters, the poses and attitude!

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks Landa!

Jeg venter stadig på din scene, Christian!

Thanks Andre! There are several studios in Brazil, but our studio is - R R Animation Films.

Christian said...


That is right I made a scene that night aswell, if i find it I will post it, even though is not very good.
But we could also make some new scenes! If one us start out with one scene then the next takes over on so on!? Ha ha... and then we have a music video! What do you think? Do you know some people who want to have a free rough music video? See you soon, maybe tonight :-)

Det havde jeg helt glemt, det er rigtig jeg lavede også en scen den aften/nat..hmm hvis jeg finder den kan jeg lægge den op..
Vi kunne jo også lave nogle nye scener. En musik video måske. Vi starter med en scene også følger den der har lyst med, der hvor den sidste slap?

Jakob Jensen said...

Holy shit!.... I remember this very well, but I think I was already in LA, right? You made a model sheet of this, I think. I might still have it.
Man, it's soooo fresh!

VICTOR ENS said...

Damn, this is great! What a joy to watch your work! Beautiful, nothing more to say.
MORE of this...Please


andre medina said...

how is it working in Brazil? I love your work!

Matt Shepherd said...

nice stuff man, as usual. Very loose, I really like how your lines are full of energy it's great.

bagilla said...

wow man...great animation! Im just getting in to the old fashioned animation...just finished the RW animation survival kit. your stuff is really inspiring!!!

Hans said...

Haha Yeah! That's awesome. What's even more awesome is that I found your blog!

Ved ikke om du kan huske vi snakkede lidt via email for et godt stykke tid siden. Naa, men jeg er ihvertfald flyttet til L.A. i mellemtiden og har vaeret her i godt 7 maaneder nu. Det' sgu tough competition her, men det er jo med til at holde en skarp:)

Haaber alt er vel der nede og tak for en super inspirerende blog!:)


Marcos Mateu said...

...And now I run into your blog :). Fantastic stuff Rune! Hope you are well.

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