Thursday, April 9, 2009

The second spot

Gatorade Tiger / The Woods Of Wisdom / Never Quit


Patrick said...

Rune your the tiger!
I loooooove the animation on those commercials with no flashy snappy animation,and where you actually get to see what is going on and appreciate the personnality of the character.

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...


Both of these and the upcoming Webisode, were animated in Spain by the good people at Animagic Films ( including one Andrea Simonti, I believe you are familiar with ).

chrisallison said...

This was beautifully animated and designed! What GREAT commercials! Awesome job, Rune. Cheers!

Richard Gaines said...

Likewise!! I'm really happy that you guys are still doing traditional animation! Great work, Rune.

Those guys at Animagic Studios are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

One question: Since you're currently living in Brazil, how well is the industry thriving there?

Jakob Jensen said...

This has the unmistakable touch of the Runemeister, I tell you!! Can't wait for the rest to air!
Congrats all around.

Drachetto said...

Finally i see the work that made you really busy! :D Wonderful work, really!!!