Saturday, January 12, 2008

Missing "Stuff" getting you down ?

We'd like to apologize to those of you who may have come here in search of "Stuff".
In hindsight it was probably premature and optimistic to include "Stuff" in the title. In our defense, we did have every intention of posting "Stuff" in between and around the Flipbooks, we just haven't come across any post-able "Stuff" yet, or indeed determined what "Stuff" is.
I suppose we meant to leave it open, so to speak, in case we want to branch out, or we run out of Flipbooks, or worse, Flipbooks suddenly become unfashionable,, again.
But I'm told the internet is full of "Stuff", so if it is "Stuff" you want, I believe the "next blog>>" option at the top of the page will get you well on your way.
Happy hunting!

the management


Jamal O said...

I'm happy to see your experienced hands playing with flash. I hope you find some time to make some of your own personal short ...(stuff) in the near future.

chrisallison said...

AWESOME! Just found your blog and I'm SO excited to watch your animation and stuff. It's really inspiring and I'm gonna study the crap out of it.

Any chance you could post quicktimes up on your blog instead of these youtube videos? Quicktimes are easy to frame by frame for studying, and they don't drop frames. Dunno, just a request if the management is taking them : )

Kevin Barber said...

I have seen your "STUFF." It is "STUFF" that is most fine. It is the "STUFF" of the gods. Do not deprive us mortals,...whip out your "STUFF."

Anonymous said...
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